Mackie HUI - Project Files

Just a quick announcement. I have a few new projects that I created that might be of interest to the Bome Community.

AkaiPro APC 40 MKII to HUI Conversion

Now you can use your APC40 MKII with an application that only supports Mackie HUI (like Pro Tools). Of course there is no text display on the APC40, however

Behringer X-Touch Compact Mackie MCU to Mackie HUI Conversion.

Now you can use your X-Touch Compact with an application the only supports Mackie HUI. The X-Touch Compact has no text display however.

Mackie HUI to Mackie MCU Conversion.

Want to use a Mackie HUI controller with Ableton Live (that does not support HUI)? I have done a conversion for this. You set up Ableton Live as Mackie MCU and using my project file, you can connect your HUI based controller and from Ableton it looks like a Mackie MCU. I have yet to convert text display messages.

If you are interested in any of the above solutions, reach out to me via email for pricing.

A more complete list of my projects is available at the link below:


Steve Caldwell
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