macOS inject mouse events

The manual clearly says mouse event injection is windows only. I use this to change the preferences window of traktor.

Just wondering if a) supporting this in macOS is on the roadmap


b) if you ever heard of any mouse workaround that people did, like (say) having another third party sofwtare that forces a certain window in a fixed location, so that BOME can click there in absolute coordinates


I think the way to do it on Mac is with AppleScript which Bome MIDI Translator support on a Mac.. I know the Applescript "tell" and "activate" command can activate a given application.

tell application "application name"


tell application "System Event's"

keystroke "Hello World"

end tell

end tell


Steve Caldwell
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thanks, sounds definitelly doable.
BOME can send variables to applescript, applescript can click applications: