macOS Sierra and above compatibility

I currently use Apple's built-in MIDI Networking application to move MIDI between two computers running El Capitan. Although I purchased Bome Network Pro (1.2.1), I am anxiously awaiting the multistream version of the product because the Apple system is difficult to connect (it sucks).

But today (due to a stability problem with my DAW) I had to move from El Capitan to Sierra. Much to my surprise, I found that Apple's own MIDI Network scheme no longer worked. BUT, I also found that Bome Network Pro would not connect either.

I did some research and found that the problem with Apple's MIDI Network is a known issue not only with Sierra but High Sierra, as well. Mojave and Catalina may also have this problem, but I stopped looking into it at that point.

So, my question is: Are you aware of this problem, and is there a work-around for it?



There is a Bome Network Beta version available for the iPad,iPhone.  You can send an email to us using the contact form and we can get you set up.  I don't remember what we will need but Florian should be able to respond. We will need something from your device for it to work (until Bome Network on iPhone/iPad is in final release).

I have done some testing with my Mac (running Catalina).  On Mac, Bome Network supports at least the last 3 versions I believe.



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Hi Steve. I’m not using an iPhone or an iPad. I am using two 15" 2012 MacBook Pros. Should Bome Network Pro 1.2.1 connect these two computers together? One is running El Capitan and the other is running Sierra?

I reinstalled El Capitan in the Sierra machine so they were both running El Capitan and Bome Network Pro would then connect.

Yes, Bome Network Pro should work for you to connect 2 Macs together.




Do you have any idea why one Mac running El Capitan and the other running Sierra wouldn’t work?

With Bome Network Pro, no. If you have normal Bome Network it only works to and from PC or Mac to or from BomeBox but note between computers. You would have to ask Apple about Apple MIDI (rtpMIDI).

I’m confused. I had an email conversation back in July with Florian, was told that it will work between two Macs, and based upon that conversation purchased Network Pro v1.2.1 to transmit MIDI between two computers. It currently works between two Macs running El Capitan). So, what I am asking you is: Have you seen a problem with Network Pro v1.2.1 and macOS Sierra?

Well I started with Mojave and moved to Catalina. I only own 1 Mac so have only tested it between Mac and PC or Mac and BomeBox but both Mojave and Catalina worked for me.

I think High Sierra came before Mojave.

The documentation doesn't specify which versions of MacOS are supported but I'm assuming it should work on at least High Sierra and above. Florian will chime in if I'm wrong.

Are your two Macs on the same network? If not, you will need to manually configure Bome Network to the IP of the other Mac as they only auto discover if on the same network.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi, just to clarify:
Bome Network 1.2.1 is tested to work with MacOS 10.7 up to, including 10.14 (Mojave).
Bome Network 1.3.1 Beta is tested to work with 10.7 - 10.15 (Catalina).
This is indicated along with the download links:
The remote MacOS version does not matter, you can mix and match any OS, supported OS version, and Bome Network version.

So, I suspect that the issue you're having here is not related to the MacOS version, but to something else. For example, as Steve pointed out, the network configuration.

We generally recommend to use automatic IP assignment if possible: if both Macs are connected to the same router, set both Macs to use automatic IP assignment (DHCP) and it should work. There are many other things that can be misconfigured in a network, but I assume that the general router setup is fine, because you have only changed MacOS, right?

If you continue to have these problems, please provide more detail what exactly works and what doesn't:

  • Which version of Bome Network are you using?
  • on either computer, does Bome Network start at all?
  • is the other computer listed in the Connect To or Disconnect menus when clicking on the menubar icon?
  • are there any error messages when trying to connect?

Also, please attach the log file of both computers. It is the file "BomeNet.log" in the /tmp folder, which you can access in Finder by selecting "Go to..." and then enter /tmp . If there is "BomeNet1.log", send me that file, too, please.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for providing more information.

OK, after weeks of fruitlessly trying everything I could think of, my problem is solved. It appears that Apple's built in MIDI networking is only broken in El Capitan. So, thanks to you Florian for suggesting turning the DHCP back on in both Apple computers; that fixed it. It also fixed the Network Pro connection. I found that this needed to be turned off when I was connecting two El Capitan machines, though I don't know why. So, thanks a million for the suggestion; it never occurred to me. That said, I can't wait until multiple MIDI streams between two computers is available in Network Pro, as I still need a script running on the El Capitan machine to get the Apple network to connect.

Thanks again for the help, guys.