Make Your Own MIDI Controller

Hey All, I've been working with Shantea Controls on their new DIY controller interface, and wanted to drop a seed for those individuals interested in making their own MIDI controller. Read more here:

Looks quite interesting.

Interesting for many musicians who want fully custom controller in hardware.
For us, there are so many used or nearly new MIDI controllers out there that we took the approach of using Bome MT Pro + a control surface or two which nearly matched our requirements. For church use with volunteers who just want something simple, putting a Behringer BCF2000, or an old Evolution UC33e, or even a Samson MF8 in front of them instead of a Midas X32 or even Behringer XR18 with software only controls works great!

I get your point completely. I am one of ”us” too with my ES 8/100 controllers, been using BMT for years! Even still, BMT is useful for something like this, where you can assign functions that wouldn’t be readily available with a custom controller, such as banking, presets, octave shift, or to use the 1 controller with multiple programs without having to reconfigure said custom controller.

It’s nice to have choices.