Making Bomes Alt-Tab Immune and Using Application Task Swap Macros.

I have everything working as planned so far using 2 apps in my video rig so I wanted to send alt-tab from a controller as an (And I know about UAC) sending an alt-tab keystroke, but it tends to bring up the minimized bomes midi translator window. Not the 2 apps.(I can mouse macro so it's not a MAJOR issue. just one of the puzzles I had. As well as Setting PP to the X-Y of the mousewheel. didn't seem to give me a positive or negative value.

Thanks(2 questions in a setup)

Alt Tab is a Windows sequence so it is really up to Windows on how it behaves. With that said, you might want to try to set it up so MT Pro is minimuzed to the system tray and see if that fixes your ussue. It is found in Settings->Appearance then click Minimize tray.

I don't think the standard Windows behavior is to include applications minimized in this fashion.


Steve Caldwell
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It was when I tested it last nite.. thats why I was curious as to what I was going to look for a way to switch a specific foreground task..... or build it.