Map General MIDI to modern workstation keyboard?

Hello, I was wondering if MIDI Translator Pro can be configured similar to the functionality of Windows 95’s MIDI Mapper. What I am looking to do is take a Windows program (for example vArranger2) that outputs General MIDI (most often) and also other instruments using MSB, LSB and PC that are designed for various keyboards, and route it through MIDI Translator Pro as its MIDI output device, and then have MIDI Translator Pro output to my Roland Fantom workstation via a USB to MIDI interface and translate the instrument selections on the fly the instruments to the MSB, LSB and PC of my choosing that are inside my Fantom? In other words, I want to for example be able to play General MIDI files on my PC out to my Roland Fantom that does not have General MIDI on it, but has all of the equivalent instruments on it that I would map to. I would make a one to one mapping for each incoming instrument change and outgoing instrument change through MIDI Translator Pro. For General MIDI specifically, I don’t know what MSB, LSB and PC to look for since I think this way of selecting instruments came out afterwards.



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If your program can send MIDI out to a MIDI port then yes, there would be a way to set up Bome MIDI Translator to change PC’s, GM MIDI messages to MIDI messages that don’t meet the GM standard. You would likley need to map these to the closest thing your Roland Fantom workstation provides.

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Steve, Great! Thank you very much!