Mapping Jogwheels to Pitch Wheel (Ableton Push 2 to Pioneer Rekordbox)

Hello, I've gotten pretty close in mapping this thing, but I'm having a couple issues.

I have Jog touch mapped well, so if i touch the touch strip on my push 2 it will stop the track as if you were pressing on the jogwheel, 90 0C signals 90 36. my variable pp is passed and works as expected.

the tricky part is now mapping the motion.

The values of the pitch wheel on the Push 2 go from 0 to 127 with 64 being the default dead zone.

The values of the Pioneer controller is also similar in range, with 64 being the dead zone (but it doesn't return this value when no motion is present, only forward and backward motion returns 64+1 or 64-1.)

Is there a formula that can take the absolute motion of the current value, say if you put your finger at what pp=80 would be, then dragged your finger to pp=20, it would return a value of qq relative to the number of steps difference between the two?

If not, i'm guessing maybe the easier option would be to map a knob so +1 or -1 is a fixed value


The following tutorial video  on absolute to relative encoder translation should help. If not come back here and I can assist further.


Steve Caldwell
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I think I understand the idea of what needs to happen.  However, I just made another discovery.  Pioneer did something to poison the MIDI device.  It's dumping random buttons into the stream causing a playback issue that autoplays music!

I thought it was just a mapping issue of the jog, but it appears that is not the case.

I think another member mentioned that your network product can somehow resolve this?  I would imagine it maybe "protects" the channel from other apps and stops this from happening?

Are you on Windows or Mac? Windows only allows one MIDI port while Mac does not.

I’m on a mac. however, i was able to figure out a way around the issue by actually mapping the bome midi translator output directly to the controller I was attempting to emulate(i can share more detail if you wish). In the rekordbox software, I only mapped the jogwheel to this interface, leaving all of the problem buttons out of the issue! I have routed the rest of my inputs normally using the midi translator interface.

Now i can focus on building my rules for the jog functionality. In the current state it is moving, just not the ideal behavior (above/below 50% will increment the jog if you hold your finger in the same spot). It would be cool to emulate the “sliding” motion as if you are scratching on a platter (or in my case, to create a workflow to process tracks for cues/grid).

Good deal, so your Jog Wheel goes through the translator and everything else is direct between your controller and the app? Good thinking!