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I’ve been looking around for the answer but I can’t find anything. I’m looking for Mapping my LaunchKey Mini Midi Controller to Davinci Resolve so I can program the knobes to adjust the primaries (Lift/Gamma/Gain/Offset).

In my mind it seems pretty simple, but in practice I have no idea how to do that. Had anyone done it and could help?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the Bome Forum.

The attached example should help get you started.

It has one knob definition which is the first knob of my Lauchnpad MINI. If you float your mouse over any point on the screen (like color wheels), and turn the knob, it will drag the mouse up or down to wherever the mouse is rested. After 1 second of non-movement the mouse button will release at the new current location.

Pressing and holding the button right under the knob will allow you to re-center the knob without doing anything.

I Believe my Launchpad MINI is either MK1 or MK2 so the button and knob channels, cc’s and note numbers might be different on your Launchpad MINI if you have a MK3

Resolve-Drag-Launchkey-Mini.bmtp (4.3 KB)

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