Marker Number from Reaper to MCU (X-touch) intercept


I’m using and X-Touch in MCU mode, primarily to control Mixing Station, but I’m passing it through Bomes so I can use transport controls, for recording and playback and use counter display with Reaper. Most things pass straight through (x-touch to mixing station) with a few translators setup to redirect some things to and from reaper. I have everything working as expected except I can’t figure out how to send the current marker number from reaper so that it can display on the X-touch (in the first two segments of the TC display window). I think I actually had it working once but I lost the file and can’t retrace my steps. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I can share my current file if it would help.

Hi and welcome back!

If you post your project file, then I will take a look.

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Hi Steve, Thanks. It’s actually mostly your project file… :slight_smile:
Reaper-MS-Reaper-split-wTC_v1-1.bmtp (4.5 KB)


Well, it has changed some since I sent it.

I added translators 0.5 and 0.6

The thing is, I don’t think reaper ever sends the marker position but we can fake it if it is marker 1-8 using F1-F8 to move to that marker (if it exists). It then sends the Marker number back to the X-touch in the left positions. I don’t know any way Reaper can natively send marker numbers. You might need to ask them.

I basically use F1 to F8 which will select a marker in Reaper if you have it set that way. I then translate it to the Marker number to send back to the display.

0.6 was added just to set a marker with my X-touch.

I’m not sure where you got ‘Drop Marker’ as the note there doesn’t seem to match the Mackie MCU protocol.

Reaper-MS-Reaper-split-wTC_v1-2.bmtp (5.6 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks Steve,

I couldn’t get this to work the way I’m hoping as F1-F8 is not an option in my use cased as Reaper is not in focus for my setup, but I really appreciate you looking at this for me.

Because I’m using the X-touch mostly remapped to Mixing Station, I’m using a different button from the protocol to insert markers on the fly in Reaper (the one to the left of the TC display, I can’t remember its default use and I’ve covered the label). I’ve passed it through in Bomes and mapped that controller to the function directly in Reaper.

If I persist, I think I can use a Reaper script to convert marker ID to a midi notes velocity value but I’ve also seen that the Marker ID might be sent via Midi Clock/SPP.

TBH, It’s a nice-to-have but not worth expending much effort so I will leave it for now. Thanks again.