Maschine MK3 knobs and Arturia Beatstep`s relative knobs as an external midi controller

Hello, I have problems using Arturia Beatstep as an external controller for Maschine MK3 (Infinite knobs on Arturia control infinite knobs on Maschine). The first problem is that when I send a signal from Beatstep in one of the relative modes, the values ​​on the Maschine fluctuate around a fixed value, and do not change in one direction or the other. The second problem is that if I change the values ​​on the machine and then rotate the knob again on Beatstep, there is a jump from the value in the Machine to the last value of the knob. Could you please help me to make the knobs on Beatstep change values ​​relative to the last value in the Maschine?


It sounds like you have Maschine set up to send and receive absolute values while you have the Beatstep set up to send and receive relative values. It is best is you can set them for the same methodology, but if not, there are a few tutorials we have on how to:

Convert Relative CC to Absolute CC

Convert Absolute CC to Relative CC


using Bome MIDI Translator Pro


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