Mcu fader feedback

Hi i need help.
i have a console 1 i will run this as a normal mackie controler. without the softube software the consol 1 faders is in midi cc. i have with the help of this forum find out midi cc to mcu. it works fine. also when i switch the faders in studio 1 (daw) the faders on console 1 follow. but when i load a new project in s1 it dont update the actual fader position from the project to console 1. i have see when i load a new project in s1 it send 3 long midi datas. i think one of these is the actual fader position of the project. you now how i can translate this to my faders?

i have find out when i close a project s1 send 2 large midi data. with one of this i have find out to set my faders to 0. that works

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If you tell me which CC # and channels your faders send, I can help.

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i know the first fader is B0 Ch1 1-127
but now i dont in the studio.

If you have CC to MCU working, then you should be able to share that project file so that I can see the CC #s and I should be able to advise on the reverse translation of MCU to CC.

Steve Caldwell
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ok thank you. i will send it tommorow.

Hi Steve. i send you here my Project file. maybe you have also a chance when I bank the faders that it updates too.

Best regards
KINGMACKIE.bmtp (15.4 KB)

OK, I changed it quite a bit. I deleted most of what you had and replaced with my own stuff.

First of all I set up the new presets so that they only receive from and send to the desired ports. Any translators under that preset will inherit this device routing. Here is what Controller to Premiere looks like.

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Then I removed your MIDI through routes so only translators are handling activity. You can add them back if you would like for other messages but I don’t know if Premier will like them. It is probably best to set up translators for each function you want so that there are no surprises.


Then I made sure I use aliases only. I don’t have your controller so my aliases are set up as follows for testing.
You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.


I used formulas and calculations to determine CC to pitch bend mapping and visa versa. Also I used formulas to calculate the fader touch and release messages.

You controllers have a pattern but break the pattern for the master fader. I could have done a series of IF THEN statements instead such as

if pp==100 then oo=0xe0
if pp==102 then oo=0xe1
  etc  For fader movement and
if pp==100 then tt=0x68
if pp=102 then tt=0x69
   etc or touch/release note calculation

I used raw MIDI to make sure there is a touch/release for every fader movement

90 tt 7f oo qq qq 90 tt 00

In the Premiere to Controller preset I did reverse calculations. I used the MSB only for the CC value since CC’s only allow a 7 bit value and faders are 14 bit, you lose precision. Note also that the preset port definitions are different.

For the bank left/right messages I look at CC32 and compare the last known value with the current value to determine which direction to move the bank. The last known value is stored in the global variable ‘ga’. Here are the rules:

// default bank left
// bank right
// compare with last known positon
if pp>ga then qq=31
// update last known position

Most Mackie MCU applications will update the faders upon bank movement. I’m hoping Premiere Pro will do the same.

Here is the project file.

KINGMACKIE-sjc.bmtp (3.3 KB)

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There were a few errors in the project file I sent yesterday. They are now corrected.

  1. I was sending LSB instead of MSB for reverse translation
  2. I was using the wrong notes for bank up and bank down.

Here is the updated file.

KINGMACKIE-sjc-a.bmtp (3.3 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

hey steve. thank you so much. i will test this tommorow.
best regards.


Any progress?