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Steve I’m back but with a different question. UAD LUNA has just release control surface support for MCU controllers. I am using an old Presonus FaderPort Classic and most of the button mapping on my controller seems to be implemented well however there are a few buttons that are mixed up, for example “Read Automation” is currently being toggle by the “Mix View” button. My attempt is to clean things up and map those functions to the correct buttons.

It would seem to be a simple translation one MCU incoming to another MCU outgoing however as I am still new to BOME I have run into a snag.

I would like to translate this

1: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 33 7F
2: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 43 7F
3: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 18 7F
4: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 18 00
5: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 33 00
6: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 43 00
7: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 18 7F
8: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 18 00

Into this

1: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 4A 7F
2: MIDI IN [FaderPort]: 90 4A 00

Greatly appreciate your help!

That is a lot of incoming activity for just Automation read off

90 33 7F - This changes the global view to inputs
90 43 7f - This changes the global view to output
90 18 7f - 90 18 00 - This selects track 1
Then back to global view inputs and outputs
Then select channel 1 again

Is it sending all of this with a push of a single button or twist of a knob?
Does it always send the exact same sequence?

Maybe your FaderPort is not in Mackie Mode or in some other weird mode.

I got this from the manual on page 13. Maybe you should set it up for Logic MCU mode and see how that works before we work on translating with Bome MIDI Translator Pro. I will likely be much closer to what you want.

By default, the FaderPort is in Studio One operation mode. To switch to
Logic operation, press and hold the NEXT button while powering on your
FaderPort, then press the Mute button to enable Logic (MCU) operation.

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