Merging 2 project files

Hi Steve, I use Ampero Control from to run the preset. I use footswitch 1 for this. Now I would like to run another function independently from footswitch 4, but I don’t know how I can add this to the existing preset. With footswitch 4 only a start-stop command should be sent. I can do this individually without any problems, but I cannot integrate it into the existing preset. Could you please help me? Thanks!
AMPERO Batch Preset Playlist.bmtp (2.2 KB)
AMPERO Miditool Playlist Remote Start-Stop.bmtp (1001 Bytes)

Typically, I will change the Bome Startup Settings to allow multiple instances temporarily.


Then I will open both project files.

  1. Select the preset you want to copy from once instance and copy.
  2. Go to the project you want to copy to and paste the preset there.

Then make other necessary adjustments as necessary (alias changes, global variable usage changes, etc.

I the attached file, all I did is copy and paste and did not do anything else.

Merge-Project-Files.bmtp (2.6 KB)

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Thanks Steve, with some adjustments it works great!

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