Merging MIDI signals

I have a MIDI organ console with 5 keyboards and a pedalboard. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has designed a strange connection system. The MIDI signals from the keyboards are accessed via 5-pin plugs (In & Out), but the pedalboard signals come from another interface with a USB plug. I would like to use a MIDI sequencer with my instrument, but I can’t see how to get the MIDI signals from my USB plug into my MIDI interface. Is there a USB to Dyn converter available from Bome? Thanks in advance.

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The BomeBox can act as a USB host for MIDI devices. Your pedalboard must be a USB device (not a host). Typically this means it will have a USB B connector, a USB mini-B connector, a USB micro-A connector or a USB C connector. Then on the BomeBox, you have a USB A connector. You can find pictures of these connector types here except for USB C which can be found here. The USB C and Micro-B look very similar so be careful.

The BomeBox also support BomeNet which allows you to send MIDI signals across a network connection "wired or wireless’, to other BomeBoxes, Mac Computer, Windows PC, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Linux devices.

The USB A connector can have a USB hub attached to allow mulitple USB MIDI devices to connect.

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