MIDI 2.0 -

I noticed you have been actively working on tbe development of the new spec. I realize you can't speak for the hardware manufacturers, but do you know if current hardware will be able to operate all or part of 2.0 with a firmware upgrade?

I imagine it would be easier for the OEMs to force new hardware on us. But we are looking at an investment in the thousands of dollars. Please don't respond to my last comment. You can't take sides in this. Just want to know if a firmware update is an option, provided the OEMs want to go that route. All my stuff is USB.



My guess is that most MIDI 2.0 hardware will really need faster transport mechanism than the 5 pin DIN to operate so anything that is MIDI DIN only will likely not handle MIDI 2.0 very well as it will likely be too slow. 

I suspect Bome will play a key role in helping to bridge between the MIDI 1.0 and MIDI 2.0 worlds.  I'm not a devloper, just a support guy.  I can envision people not wanting to trash their investment in MIDI 1.0 equipment and will rely on tools like Bome MIDI Translator Pro and BomeBox to help extend customers current MIDI 1.0 hardware investment.

Also, as far as I know, although the MIDI 2.0 specification is now available, I think the actual transport mechanism (USB, Ethernet, etc), is still pretty wide open. 


All of this is just my personal opinion and not an official Bome statement. Also, I'm not a MIDI 2.0 insider and only have what is publically available regarding the 2.0 specification.


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