MIDI Buddy error

Hi, I’ve got this error message a few times from MIDI Buddy. Think it happens after I leave the computer and the windows screen saver comes on or something. Pushing ok just spams another error message. This last time it crashed itself, with the second error message coming up as well.
Is there something I can do about that?

MIDI Buddy Error
MIDI Buddy Error 2

Hi @SuperTRev,

This error is because you have another device trying to access the same MIDI port as you have set in MIDIBuddy. It does not close because it keeps trying. The easiest way to fix this is to ensure there are no other MIDI programs open that may be trying to access the MIDI Port you have set it MIDIBuddy for communicating with Bome MIDI Translator. On Windows, many DAWS and other application may try to open all available MIDI ports. If they, for instance open BMT 1 and you are also using that for MIDIBuddy, then MIDIBuddy will no longer have access to that port… Most of the time this can be fixed by either closing the offending application or setting it up so that it doesn’t try to open the port you have set in MIDIBuddy.

There are occasions when moving MIDI devices around that the MIDI port configuration will change. To fix this, close all MIDI based applications. Open MIDIBuddy and go to settings in the menu tray to re-establish the correct MIDI port you want to use to communicate with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Then when you open MT Pro and MIDIBuddy, they should be able to talk throught the newly established port.

Let me know if this helps


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Oh I see. Sometimes I’ve had FL Studio, Youtube Music, the internet, MTP and MIDI Buddy running all at the same time.
But now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it happens when you have sent me an example project, and I open it, but I just cancel out the port pop-up box. Maybe MIDI Buddy wants to send to MTP, but because the project won’t allow it at that time, MIDI Buddy gets mad and quits.

But now that I know it’s a port conflict, I’ll know to how to investigate if it happens again. Thank you.