MIDI Buddy etc.

Could you fix the MIDI Buddy bug, the output error pop up box? Could you make a checkbox so the 'select output' just always is Bome's MTP by default, regardless of what is detected?

And could you put a checkbox in the settings to let the 'suspend hotkeys' enabled by default? (always suspended)

That would be great.

Also in MTP there is the 'initiate project' settings, where it boots up a program (MIDI Buddy in this case) when the project boots up. Ok, so can you also have a 'close project' settings, that closes a program too?

So that I can put MIDI Buddy in there too. And so opening MTP opens MIDI Buddy and closing MTP closes MIDI Buddy, at all times. Thank you very much.


MIDIBuddy is not a Bome product, however as the MIDIBuddy developer,  I can customize it for you to automatically select BMT 1 (if it exists) as it's default output port and also make it's default settings as suspend hotkeys.

As far as killing MIDIBuddy, you can send it a keystroke to quit (I think it is control-q but don't remember off of the top of my head.  Having Bome MIDI Translator do this for you is another story as there is no "on close project" incoming trigger in MT Pro.  I think this request has been made in the past.  I could write as small "Kill MIDIBuddy" script, that you could call, as an executable, however (if you don't want to just send a keystroke to do this).

Send me a private email for pricing on the MIDIBuddy customizations you want. It will likely be more that what you paid for MIDIBuddy in the first place as I am limiting my investment in future expansion of MIDBuddy for business reasons.

The output error popup box should be fixed (at no cost) and should only occur if the selected port is no longer available.  I can provide you a link to download the latest MIDIBuddy version if you need this.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz



Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz




I can't copy/paste my email reply into this forum box, for some reason.


Yes if that output box bug has already been fixed, I would like the link to that please.

MTP is always an available output port; it never changes (unless it gets uninstalled). So when I selected it as the output port the last time I used MB, it kicked MTP off itself. I assume because my other MIDI devices changed.

MTP should remain as the default output port permanently. I never changed it as the output port, and it never became undetectable, so MB shouldn't be telling me the output ports have changed. Other devices change, but the output port remains constant. That is a bug.

Ctrl+Q isn't working as a 'kill MB' hotkey. Not that any hotkey will work when I need to have 'suspend hotkeys'

permanently enabled, because MTP mouse translators won't click on anything otherwise. Which is another bug.

I will pay for some changes in the future, but not right now. Covid beat me up pretty good. I've actually had to sell half my studio to stay afloat. Not that customers should be paying extra to fix bugs.

But a 'close MB' script would be great. That's another thing I would be interested in.

MIDI Buddy is really great, but currently, starting and stopping it is extra work. Counter intuitive to its nature, as it's supposed to take away mundane tasks, not add them.

If you are going to stop supporting MB in the future, can I make a copy backed up to my external hard drive, so I can always have it? I haven't come across anything like it, and I doubt that I ever will.

Thanks again.


Feel free to make a backup copy of MIDIBuddy for yourself.


The one question I have if that right now if you select a port, but you add additional devices, MIDIBuddy sees that new devices are available and indeed will prompt you to select a port again. If you used BMT 1 it might show up in a different position as the system iterates through available ports and they have changed. If you want to make it not do that and always use BMT 1 (even if ports have been added), then the download I have will not work but I can make a change for that so that it always chooses BMT 1 no matter if ports have been added or removed. Is this what you want?


P.S. Sorry about Covid hitting you so hard, I hope at least you are staying well!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thank you. I will make a back up copy. You never know when your computer will die or something.

Yes I would like MB to lock MTP as the output port at all times, please. And lock the \'suspend hotkeys\' selection to always enabled, if possible (hotkeys always suspended).

Could you also remove the MB boot-up \'about\' splash screen? When I start FL Studio, it loads up, then it has to sit there and wait for the splash screen to time out, before I can start using it.

Ya covid hit pretty hard. At least I\'m healthy. Thank you.

As soon as I can, I will email you about pricing.

Hi, if I remember, if you open MIDI buddy with the command line option /nosplash, then you won't get the splash screen. 


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Awesome that works.

I forgot to ask if there is a MTP hotkey that suspends it. For times like this, when I just need to type something

out quick. Some keystrokes are seen as translators, so MTP executes it and trying to type something, the mouse just goes crazy and clicks on random stuff. I have to close MTP, do my typing, then open it again.


There is a setting in MT Pro to ignore incoming keystrokes when focused. See attached.


For MIDIBuddy, there is no option for this. If it had that option, there would be no way to later wake it up.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz


Not having a suspend feature for MB is fine. It doesn't affect anything.

I am aware of those options. It suspends only when you have the program focused. For testing I assume.

This is not what I was after. Pushing a hotkey and MTP would be dormant, as if it weren't booted up at all.

That would free up my keyboard for typing.

Push the hotkey again and it would be active again. I was just seeing if that was a feature hidden somewhere.

Nevermind then.

Please clarify on suspend hotkeys. Are you wanting to suspend mouse movement messages Cntrl-Alt-P at startup?

If not, which modifier are you talking about? 

Lock Mouse - Unlock Mouse

The right click menu, 'Suspend Hotkeys'. I have no idea why, but the mouse-movement translators in MTP won't click on the object if that isn't checked. It will move the mouse to the object, then move it back, but won't actually click on the object. I learned that through trial and error.

So every time I run MTP and MB I check it (enabled/hotkeys are suspended). I'm wondering if I can have that latching, so it stays put, just like the output port.