MIDI Buddy return to X axis

Hi, I’m trying to put the mouse on a spot, push a button to trigger this translator, MB captures that position, then I go and select an object, when I’m done selecting it, MB moves the mouse to the captured X axis, ignoring the Y axis. (So I can snap objects to the play header ruler position, with click and drag)

So I’m trying to set up a horizontal ‘capture and return’ only, disregarding vertical.
The mouse is free to be wherever on the Y axis, but the outgoing will snap it to the X axis, which is set to variable ‘ha’.

Assuming you are using the MIDIBuddy template I provided, the x position of the mouse is stored in global variable ga and the y position in gb.

So prior to moving your mouse, copy the value of x axis to a different global variable. Then move your mouse. When your mouse movement is completed use a translator to move it back to the value that you captured into the new global variable. If you don’t care about the axis of y position, just use gb which will be the current y position of your mouse. If you want both to return to the original position, then also capture gb into a different global variable prior to moving the mouse.

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The problem is I have to put something in ‘mouse movement’ output in the Y box.
Zero just puts it to the edge of the screen. I was trying to use an unused variable that has no value, so it would ignore it, but that didn’t work.

Moves To 0

I just tried what you said. Store X in two variables. Recall the gp variable (ga through go are being used) so it will just go to the X coordinate. But it didn’t do anything. Then if I can get that to work, the last translator is return mouse to X Y (ga gb)

Save X In Two Variables

For the one you want to return to, put in the new variable depending on x or y access.
For the one that you don’t care about, just put ga, or gb which will be the current x or y location. You have to put something.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz