MIDI CC#7 to Pitchbend


I'm a very inexperienced user of the bomebox and midi translator pro, and I have recently purchased both, hoping to translate midi CC#7 (volume) from my sequencer to Pitchbend, both on midi channel 4. While I've read the manual, watched the tutorials and read many Q and A posts, I still can't seem to get it working. I've attached the ingoing and outgoing settings. "DIN" is just the name I gave the ports in MTP, after which I assigned them in the bomebox config to the din in and outputs. I didn't use any rules, and used the variable pp for both CC#7 and Pitchbend values.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something basic. Any help would be greatly appreciated!





I've added a translator for that. Since pitch bend value is 14 bit and CC is 7 bit, I just took the incoming value and put it in both the most significant byte and least significant byte. Doing this will of course loose some accuracy but still give you full range of motion with 14 bit.


Here are the rules:

// Duplicate LSB into MSB into oo


// or with LSB to get final resulte into qq



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Great! This works beautifully! I’m using this to map volume cc to an 80’s music visualizer program that only detects pitchbend data. Now I can use your translator as a basis to experiment with many other CC’s as well. Thanks a lot!