MIDI CC to sysex - how about the variables


i am trying to translate an incoming MIDI CC (#13 in this case) to a 11Bytes Yamaha sysex string to send it to a TG77.
Range is 0-127 incoming so i set the byte in the sysex string to pp.
But that does only output a 10 byte string (leaving out the variables)
I thought it would be just like in the bome tutorial video about CC & Sysex - just vice versa.
Has anyone an idea about how to set those variables?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Could you post your current project file? Maybe I can figure out from there how to adjust it to your needs.

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Steve
thanks for the response.
well here is a test file.
Himer test 1.bmtp (500 Bytes)

All you needed to do is on the incoming area:

  1. Add Set Variable to checkbox
  2. Enter the variable pp


Himer test-sjc.bmtp (983 Bytes)

Hell Yeah!! Thats it… Thanks so much !!