Midi channel change

Hello again. Im trying desperately to make a preset which changes midi channels using a knob which sends B0 22 01 when turned right and B0 22 7F when turned left. I'd like to use right to increase channels and left to decrease. I've followed a few examples of code i found at the old forum. Any suggestions? ? Thanks

Is an example missing? Since you’ve written about a ”3rd” translator.
Im assuming the translator to increase in missing .
Thank you for thr hellp

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Ok….im trying these now 👍

No luck….
Im not sure how to formulate the 3rd translator

This forum is f*&^ed up and is not posting what I write. I give up Florian.

Translator 0 – Channel Message
Incoming – MIDI Note On, any channel, set velocity to "pp"
  [x] swallow (...)
Outgoing – MIDI Note On, channel "gt", velocity "pp"

Translator 1 – Increment +
Incoming – MIDI Raw: "B0 22 7F"
Rules – if gt<15 then gt=gt+1
Outgoing – none

Translator 2 – Decrement –
Incoming – MIDI Raw: "B0 22 01"
Rules – if gt>0 then gt=gt-1
Outgoing – none

argh! what exactly is it not posting correctly? can you please send me an example via email? Thanks. We’ll fix it.

hmm, I believe I can see from the email notifications what has been going on. The formatting put everything in one line?

I’ve fixed ibanman’s formatting in his answer. Does it work now?