Midi Control with BomeBox from and to A&H SQ5

Hey there,

I recently got the bomebox along the the midi translator pro. I’m trying to send midi with the sq midi faders to my drum machine and back, so the motorfaders respond to parameter changes if I change a program / kit / pattern. I can get them to talk back and forth, but they won’t ‘jump’ if I change a kit on the elektron. Also, they seem kind of glitchy because they are harder to move. Muting Tracks on the elektron with the midifader mute buttons
also doesn’t work and the LED won’t light up like it does with the MIDI Control on the computer (if thats possible anyway).

Also, I have some devices connected via Din that I want to control with the SQ but also the other way around. However, If the SQ is connected with DIN in and out it automatically creates a feedback loop and you can hardly move the faders anymore. In addition to that, some mappings for muting audio channels on the SQ work and some don’t although the settings seem to be correct. I’ve done all the mappings by capturing midi.

I’m attaching my translator file so hopefully you can get an idea of what I’m trying to do.
Processing: cmd.exe…
Rafael Faderfahrt.bmtp (7.3 KB)

Big thanks in advance and kind regards!

Hi, and welcome to the Bome Community!

It is a bit difficult to follow because many of your translators show Bome Virtual Ports which will not exist on the BomeBox so I would probably need to know how you have them assigned on the BomeBox.

It is entirely likely that you have created some MIDI loops. I suggest that when running MTPro on a PC, you assign all incoming and outgoing ports Aliases. Then when you upload the project file to BomeBox you use those aliases. That way if devices move around, then it becomes easier to just re-assign the aliases to different ports if they are connected differently. See this tutorial.

Also I would recommend using presets to group your devices. That will reduce the number of changes you make. See this tutorial.

Finally, I cannot tell whether the MIDIHub might be causing MIDI Loops. This might be causing some issues. Please check the programming of your MIDIHub with the MIDIHub editor to ensure you are not creating loops there.

It is also important that if the faders have touch/release functionality that you prevent fader feedback when they are being touched. I suspect that this might be why you sometimes need to fight them.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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