MIDI Conversion Calculator

Hi All!

I figured that since I've asked my fair share of questions here, it was time to make an actual contribution! I've heard that there are calculators for MIDI, hex, and binary, but also found that it was pretty simple to put all of that into a google sheets document. Thought it may be useful for someone.

There's 4 "charts". Enter the known value into the appropriately labeled light blue box. (for example: if you have the note number, put that in the light blue box in the first chart. If you have the binary data, that goes in the light blue box in the fourth chart.) From there, the data will fill in the rest of that chart. I also put in two columns for Note. I use Ableton Live, which references a different octave for middle c. Thus note 0 in Bome's is C-1 but in Ableton, its C-2. The only thing I need confirmation on, is if the binary format is correct or not.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Steve, if this isnt helpful, or incorrect, feel free to take it down.




Second Column “MIDI Note” is certainly what Bome Uses and third column “Ableton Note” is certainly what Ableton uses, however the Note designation is not part of the MIDI standard. Many may use the Bome method and others may use the Ableton method. I think if I remember I saw someone call note 0 C-4.

Most use one of the designations above but if you want to be safe, always refer to the note-number. I’ve been bitten by this many times in the past where the person I’m discussion with uses a different note designator and cannot figure out why their application is not working.

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For sure! I threw that in there as more of a visual reference than anything else. Ableton doesn’t really use note numbers much with their MIDI mapping designations, and the Bome’s Incoming/Outgoing MIDI message drop down list also lists the MIDI note.

I think in Logic/Mainstage, you can even set what octave middle C is at, to make it “compatible” with other equipment. And you’re absolutely right, it all comes down to note number.