MIDI Drawbar CCs - Inverting The Values

I have a MIDI drawbar controller that in some virtual tonewheel organs causes the drawbars to appear reversed. For instance when they are pulled out (127) the virtual organ sets its value to 0, so it is responding the opposite to the way I would like it to.
Some virtual instruments provide a setting to FLIP the values but this particular one does not allow you to do it.

How would I approach this in BMT Pro?

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Hi, and welcome back!

The attached file should do what you want. I set CC21-29 for the incoming drawbars of the translator but you can change that in rules.

The key rule for reversing is taking the incoming value (qq) and subtracting it from 127 to get the outgoing value (also qq in this example)

Drawsbar-CC-Reverse-2021-08-21.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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I just had to change the PP to <12 >29 (to accommodate the Upper and Lower Drawbar settings.

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