Midi Fighter Twister - easily cycle banks with MIDI button press

This is my first post and I just wanted to share a quick tip for mapping a custom MIDI button to toggle from bank to bank on a MIDI Fighter Twister, in case using the side buttons is inconvenient for you (which is the case in my setup).

Create a translator, then map the input to trigger from your MIDI button and set the Output to trigger:
Channel 4
CC#: g0
Velocity: 127

Select MIDI input and output ports by choosing your MIDI button as the input source, then choose the MIDI Fighter Twister as the Output.

Then create these two rules in between:
if g0>=3 then g0=-1

The MIDI Fighter Twister’s 4 banks are selected by triggering CC# 0-3 on channel 4.

We set the CCs to the global variable g0, then we add 1 to g0 every time we press the button since our static MIDI input value needs to create a higher CC value to equal the new bank number.

When g0 gets to 3, we make g0 = -1 so that the next button press that adds 1 makes the CC equal 0 so that bank 0 doesn’t get skipped.

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Thanks for sharing. Yes this works just fine. You can switch the Midi Fighter Twister banks with an external MIDI controller.

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