Midi Foot Controllers for Ableton and Bias FX 2

Hey guys,

I recently stumbled upon MIDI Translator Classic while trying to connect my Harley Benton MP 100 Midi Foot Controller with Nektar Expression Pedal and M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal to my DAW Ableton Live 10 and Bias FX2 (Standalone and VST) on Win 7.
That's bc the MP100 doesn't work as it should with neither of the two programmes in the first place (meaning, that only one of the 31 bank is partly working, real bummer...)
So, my questions is: How can I route/map the MP100 plus the two pedals via the translator classic to e.g. start recording, use tap tempo, select a track to be ready for recording, control Bias as a VST etc.? I'd love to play wah, whammy and do vol swells besides the more simple changing of presets in the FX sim.

I'd have to translate the MP100's MIDI info to do certain things in the DAW and the plug-in, right? In theory I get the idea, I just get lost with the translator, it's user interface and all the parameters bc I'm totally new to Midi progamming. A video tutorial would help a lot for example.

I'd appreciate any idea, tip or help I can get!



Thanks for reaching out!


First of all for some of the advanced features you are looking for, it is likely you will need Bome MIDI Translator Pro instead of the Classic version. The Classic version does not support advanced routing, virtual MIDI ports, and many other things (such as rules). Below is a comparison of Pro vs Classic.


We currently have 40 tutorials on the use of the Pro version. They can be found at the below link. I suggest you review the first two videos first and then search on the specific functionality you want. If you cannot find what you want let me know specifically a given function you want to perform and I can assist further.

To me it looks like your controller does indeed put out MIDI messages and perhaps converts attached expression pedal and sustain pedal to MIDI. This will be primarily an exercise to determine the output the MIDI pedal provides (which you can view in the log window) , routing to the output (using MT Pro version) to a particular VST and perhaps converting it to what Ableton Live expects (perhaps additional VST MIDI mapping within Ableton Live).

The tutorial video series for MT Pro can be found at the below link:





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Thank you for asking this question. I'm involved in a very similar situation and you helped point me to yet another piece of hardware that might work. I'd rather go for something lower profile, but I appreciate the fact you included info on the devices you're approaching.