MIDI Footswitch CC Toggle ON/OFF

Hello everyone,
After doing some searching I was still a little confused about how to accomplish the following:

I have a footswitch connected to my controller that is sending MIDI CC 89.
When using Cakewalk’s Generic MIDI Control Surface, it allows me to set it up as a toggle but when trying to do the same inside of Cubase it will only let me do this as a momentary switch.

How could I create a translator that would allow me to do this:
Press pedal: ON (Hold value 127)
Press Pedal: OFF (send value 0)

Thanks so much.
Each Translator adventure helps me to understand a little more how to wrap my head around using Bome, it is such a powerful tool and I am so grateful to have it available.


Hi and welcome back!

Incoming: CC 89 on MIDI CH 1 value 127
// This will toggle the value of ga between 0 and 127
Outgoing: CC89 on MIDI CH 1 value ga

If you have multiple buttons that you want to use as toggle, you would use a different global variable for each.

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Working fine here!
You are definitely a Bome Super Hero!

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