Midi IN but no Incoming

Hi everyone !

I’ve been using Bome MT for a while and it’s been working well with my Midi Twister so far. I’ve just purchased a Midi Fighter 3D but there’s no way I can make it work the same way.

On the Log Window, when I hit a button on the MidiFighter, it only shows a Midi IN, but no incoming, although I added a translator with an Incoming Midi message and an Outgoing keystroke for this button.

Any idea ? I’m stuck…

Thanks a lot, have a good day,


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I suspect your incoming trigger is not set correctly for the MIDI your MFT is setting.

MIDI IN will show any incoming MIDI for an open input device.

In contrast, Incoming, will only show when the translator’s incoming trigger matches that of the specific device. I suspect you might have your incoming trigger different than your device is actually sending. For CC’s it usually means you are looking for a specific value instead of
Any Value".

What I do is first capture the MIDI message. Here I turn my knob and see this.


The I double click it and it transfers to the selected Incoming trigger.

Now I change it to “Any Value” and select the local variable “qq” to capture the value. You can use any variable you wish and in rules modify as you wish.

Now the translator will trigger on any value for CC1 on MIDI channel 1 instead of a value of 3 only.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks a lot Steve, I don’t understand the whole process but it sure helped making it work ! I’m going to put some more thaughts into it to understand this better, but meanwhile, many thanks for your precious help !



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