MIDI Keyboard as a Video Game Controller

I’m still new to the translator, so Ill explain what I’m trying to do the best I can.

As the title says, I would like to use my MIDI keyboard (A Roland A-300 Pro) as a controller for a video game emulator. In my current case, I’m using it with Project 64 to control Super Mario 64.

I got it to work for the most part. I am able to hit a key and cause Mario to move, open menus, ect.
My issue is with the movement of Mario. Pressing the key I assigned to move him forward only acts as if I taped the control stick forward once.

I want to assign the “Note On” signal to repeat as if holding down the key, and only stop when released.

I know I can use the “Key Repeat” option, but I have to set the outgoing to Physical Keys, which does not have this option. Also, when using the “Key Repeat” option on anything, even when putting a limit on when the key press should stop, it ignores this and continues to press the key. I have to force close the game when this happens.

I have attached a .bmtp file to show what I have done. Its under the [1] N64 preset.

Emulator.bmtp (10.6 KB)


Could you provide a download link to the game you use? I see Super Mario 64 downloads in a lot of places.

Also, which keys are you having trouble with. (up,down, left right?)

What does translator 2.5 have velocity 127 and all the others as any velocity?

Maybe if you select Keystroke Down, with key repeat on and use velocity 127 for that and then another translator Keystroke Up, with velocity 0 it will work as you want.

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