Midi loopback trick ... cleaner

Hello Steve,

I have a digitone and I route it back into itself, like this I can use the midi tracks to control some parameters of the audio tracks (they call that the midi loopback trick).

But it's a little buggy and I cannot allow myself to have a buggy setup on stage.

So I thought let's just loopback only what I need. And this is very simple, I need to loopback control changes from channel 1 to channel 4, to control my audio track 1 to 4. Normally, no conflicts there.

I did a simple translator (see in attachments), to loopback only those informations.

But it seems that there is a lot more going back into the loop, because I still have the bugs. For example If I double click on STOP on the digitone (which I do all the time to kill hanging notes), the digitone freeze ! (which is a known drawback with this trick). But I didn't send any transport information in the loop, so that seems mysterious to me.

So my question is : is there a way to send only those control change informations back in the loop, to make those digitone midi tracks behave like an external midi controller ? Something cleaner that what I did with my translator, which obviously let pass through more informations that I wish.

Thank you very much for your help !

PS: By the way, I tested with midi DIN, and midi over USB and I have the same results.


The project file looks good. I’d have to see the log to see what is happening. I suspect you might have your Digitone set up for MIDI Thru functionality which may cause an infinite MIDI loop. So you may want to turn MIDI loop off on your Digitone.

Digitone send CC to MT Pro, MT Pro loops it back to Digitone that loops it back to MTPro and the MIDI messages just keep building.


Steve Caldwell
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Oh and it would be helpful to see what MIDI double press of stop generates so that if we need to we can suppress that from being looped back to your device. I suspect it is sending a controller reset MIDI message which is a CC message.

Hi Steve,

So I monitored the output of the digitone, I’ve got two culprits, and one of them is the one you were suggesting.

– CC 120
– realtime message STOP

So I added the rule :

if pp==120 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

And now it works. So I assume that the realtime message I was monitoring (stop), came from the CC120, because once I filtered out the cc120, I didn’t see any realtime messages anymore.

So I’m going to carry on like this, see if I’ve got new problems or not. For now it seems to work.

Thank you very much once more !

CC120 is MIDI “All sound off” message.


Glad you figured it out!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist