MIDI output constantly blinking although no preset loaded or midi input connection

So it happens like this.

  1. I put 1.9 firmware midi translator pro files in 1.4.1 firmwares Bomebox.
    1mage.bmtp (1.3 KB)

  2. When I press note, the output midi port is constantly fast blinking.

So I shut down preset but still working.
Disconnect midi input and turn off the device and turn on, still blinking when power stabled.

  1. So I did a firmware update to 1.5 and it is done.

After that, it still same as before. Still light is blinking no matter I load preset or not.

Also freaking weird that, the preset default port was virtual midi in/out. But I couldn’t find on port setting.
Can you have any idea?


Thanks for posting. I will try to help you figure it out.

First of all, are you sure it is the MIDI light that is blinking? The MIDI lights are on the same side as the USB B connector and should not blink unless there is a MIDI device plugged in.

The lights on the other side are Power, Pair, WiFi POE In, POE Out and Ethernet activity. The Power light should be on solid after the BomeBox starts up. If it is blinking after 3 minutes, that usually means that there is an issue with how you are powering the device. You may be plugging it into a USB charging port which sometimes will cycle power up and down and cause a constant blinking. Your BomeBox will not work correctly if it is blinking after a few minutes of power up. You can either power by the micro USB port or via a POE injector in the ethernet port labeled POE. I find that POE is more reliable because it provides a higher voltage and less susceptible to marginal voltage input. The micro USB is OK too but make sure you have a good solid cable and that your power supply is providing a good solid 5v of power. It is best not to use a USB charging port for power but rather a USB to line power adapter (much like comes with many cell phones).

If your MIDI DIN activity is blinking. Removing the DIN plugs should make the LED’s go out. When plugging into a MIDI DIN device make sure OUT on your BomeBox goes to IN on your device and visa versa.

The WiFi Light should be either on or off depending on the stat of the button and the pair light should only be flashing when trying to pair with another device (BomeBox or Computer).

From your snapshot it looks like you do not have a secure WiFI password. Please set it and that message will go away. The WiFi password is not the same as the Bomebox password as it is the password needed to connect to other devices on your local WiFi Network.

Also go to settings and global settings and make sure your BomeBox is set up for the country you are in. By default it is “World” and in most cases will not be what you want. It may work but performance will not be optimized for your country.

As far as Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Ports, of course the BomeBox doesn’t have any but if your project file does, BomeBox will think these are aliases and unless you assign them to a real port on you BomeBox, no MIDI activity will be passed to the ports by your project. Without assignment of MIDI aliases to a real port, they simply aren’t pointing to anything.

I invite you to review the below turorial on BomeBox initial setup.

Also the tutorial on BomeBox Web Configuration

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Ok as I check the detail,
I only use the power cable which offered by the box included with the bomebox and manual.
Also I didn’t connect any thing except power and midi port.
The interesting part is that although I close the bmtp files inside of bomebox thru wifi, the midi output port is still blinking fast.
Also I disconnect every mid port(in out) but it didn’t change the result.

Yeah that photo was mistake. I will send you the photo as soon as I arrive home.
But it was knida creepy that any midi connection, no preset loaded but output port is blinking fast.

P.S. I used this device long month ago so I checked the port light position that the main is the

Hi, a few insights that may explain some more:

  1. The MIDI OUT and MIDI IN LEDs are implemented in hardware: the firmware version does not affect MIDI LED behavior

  2. The original BomeBox only shows MIDI OUT activity when a MIDI cable is plugged in and that cable’s other end is connected to a MIDI IN port. On such BomeBoxes, if the MIDI OUT LED blinks even without a cable plugged in, there will be another cause (see 4. below).

  3. Since mid-2020, we’ve changed the BomeBox design slightly so that the MIDI OUT LED also shows activity without a cable plugged in – which is the standard for most MIDI devices. Any BomeBox with a serial number higher than 0001703000 will have this new behavior.

  4. There is a known BomeBox hardware “feature” where the combination of low voltage power supply plus enabling WiFi will under certain conditions blink the MIDI OUT LED erratically, even without MIDI OUT traffic. Switching to a better power supply will fix this.
    The underlying cause is that when the system power is too low and not stable, the LED detector will detect power fluctuations as MIDI OUT activity.

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks for your reply!
Yeah for me too that might be the reason that power is isn’t enough that make led blinking.

I will try another power adaptor and tell you what happen!

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Thanks for chiming in, @FlorianBome !