Midi Output problem


I am beginning to experiment with this software, and a problem has arisen that I can not solve. Until yesterday, everything worked fine for me, but today, it has stopped working. Basically what I want to do is convert the CC1 to CC99.

It seems that there is activity in the monitoring of events. The log window also shows that the action is taking place. But nothing happens. I have used the Midi Ox tool to monitor the Midi, and there is no output signal. Is rare. I must have changed something in the configuration that I do not understand. I attached some screenshot of the current configuration. Let's see if someone more experienced can help me. Thank you!


Solved. Somehow the keyboard did not receive the information. It was not a software problem

Hi, I’m not really sure how you solved the problem since the keyboard was not involved (unless you mean the musical instrument keyboard instead of the computer keyboard.

One thing I noticed is that your translator is sending output to 3 different ports. Is this what you want? If any of these is aliases for an already defined port, then your port will receive the same MIDI message multiple times which probably won’t break anything but will cause excessive MIDI traffic.

Also, it is good practice usually to define inputs and outputs at the project level and then use presets or translators to override these on an exception basis only. That way if you move MIDI ports around, you will need to do less modifications to your project file.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Hello, I mean to the midi keyboard in the message. The three ports that I opened were those of this instrument. I don´t know how the problem was solved either. Somehow the midi keyboard did not detect the messages. With a simple restart of the midi keyboard, it was solved. Thanks for the advice to limit the out ports. I’ll keep it in mind.
Bome works great. Very happy to have bought it

OK, maybe your keyboard was being used by another application. Windows does not allow sharing of MIDI devices. For this, Bome MT has the ability to use virtual ports and use MT to route the application to various destination MIDI devices.