MIDI over ethernet / iconnectivity mioXM -> Bomebox?

Hi all

I’m putting together a new stage setup and need to distribute a single MIDI port over ethernet from an iConnectivity mioXM (all the DIN ports are in use elsewhere).

The smallest interface iC offer is a half-rack, 4-in-4-out one which seems a bit overkill considering I need to use just one channel to send the occasional midi CC.

iC devices support MIDI over ethernet - I was wondering, if I patch a Bomebox into the mioXM via ethernet cable, will they be able to ‘speak’ to each other / are they speaking the same MIDI language? Or do I need a Bomebox at either end of the equation? If so that would be less than ideal as I’m running a dual laptop rig where all MIDI and audio connections are duplicated in case of failover (using the PlayAudio12 as the master unit to handle switching).

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Hi, thanks for your question.

No mioXM ethernet MIDI is RTP-MIDI and BomeBox ethernet is Bome Network. I suggest you run a USB cable from your mioXM device port to the BomeBox host port. That should expose all mioXM ports to BomeBox and then you would have t he choice of using either RTP-MIDI over network for any RTP-MIDI devices in your network or Bome Network for any devices using Bome Network. You could also hook mioXM device port to a computer and use the computer as a bridge between RTP-MIDI and BomeNetwork.

Perhaps at some future date Bome will add RTP-MIDI as another protocol for BomeBox, but there are no definitive dates for this functionality.

This is what I use to get additional DIN port on my BomeBox. I think I paid about 25 USD for it. I use Bome Network exclusively on my setup. Occasionally I hook up my iConnectivity MIDI4+ for testing other client’s setup but for the most part, it is now gathering dust.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks for the reply Steve. I think I’ll go with the USB then yes, sounds sensible. Cheers!