MIDI Patchbay replacement?

Hi. I am migrating from older mac to a new one with “silicone” M1 chip running Big Sur. What hit me the most so far is that MIDI Patchbay (a popular MIDI utility) is not compatible any more. What I need it for is just for redirecting MIDI traffic between devices, no CC mapping, no transformations, just sources and destinations.

I purchased Bome Box and Translator software back in 2017 having some “advanced arpeggiator” ideas at the time, but after seeing the learning curve, I abandoned the project.

Now I realize my license is still good and Translator apparently works fine on Big Sur and M1 so I wonder if it could replace MIDI Patchbay for me. Anyone on this forum familiar with MIDI Patchbay? I run the Translator today and well, could not figure anything quickly. I would appreciate a simple answer and avoid going deep into complexities of the Translator.

By the way, while searching the forum for help on this issue I was impressed by the quality of tech support. Cheers!

Hi, and welcome to the Bome Community!

Yes, you can do this. In your case since you are using simple MIDI routing you will not need to create any translators. After clicking the checkboxes for opening desired MIDI input and output ports, you can simply draw lines between them to get the routing you want.

In the below example, I routing inputs of all of my 4 MIDIHub ports to each of the 3 outer output devices. I know it looks like a bit of spaghetti, but it works and literally took me less than 1 minute to set up.


Of course with translators, you can do more advanced things like filtering, converting. etc. It may require a bit more though than with MIDI Patchpay, however, but MT Pro is quite capable of some quite advance functionality.
We have a series of tutorials with examples.

I’m also including the project in the attached file that so you can have a look. Again, in your project, just draw lines between the source and destination for MIDI routing and you are done.

MIDIhub-routing-2021-05-21.bmtp (1.3 KB)

We are here to coach you through some functionality if you need us.

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