Midi Routing question.....from newbie

I now have two controllers both Behringer BCR 2000 One unit just to controller Midi Mapping in Ableton Live and the other just for keystroke emulation, nothing else.

Is there a way in the port mapping to stop one my second controller that I use for keystroke emulation to stop being captured by Ableton?

I dimly remember once having three BCRs connected with a Midi Sport and although they were all ‘seen’ by Ableton I was able to do Midi Mapping AND Keystroke emulation.

Any keystrokes that you use will be routed by the operating system to the application which is in focus. If you don’t want Ableton Live to pick up the keystrokes, use a translator with an outgoing action to focus on the target application. Then follow up with another translator that sends the keystroke as an outgoing action 10-20ms later.

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