Midi Thru Issue

I have a Reaper file outputing a Timecode over midi onto BMT 1.

I have the BMT 1 IN AND OUT ports open.

I have the little Line drawn from BMT 1 In to BMT 1 Out.

However the clock doesn’t seem to be making it out of Bomes.

When I use a simpler program like LoopBe it works fine and my lighting console can see the timecode from Reeaper. But with Bomes it seems like it isn’t getting put thru the ports.

I fixed this problem many years ago in an old file, reinstalled my os recently and building a new file and it’s not working again.

Any assistance appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I tested this and it seams to be working fine.

  1. If you open the Log Window of Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MTPRO) and check MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. Do you see the MIDI Time Code (MTC) messages. (You can use the filter to filter on F1 so you don’t see anything but timecode.)
  2. What application are you sending to from MT Pro ? If you see MTC going out in MT Pro, then perhaps the receiving application is not monitoring the correct MIDI port or does not recognize MTC.
  3. Could you post your project file so I can see if maybe anything else is happening?

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Bome Customer Care

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Hey thanks for the reply.

I actually just deleted all of my midi thru connections on the router and then did them again and it fixed my issue. Thanks.