Midi Thru per channel

Hello, I have searched and did not find and answer to my question… Is there a way to do a basic midi filter to stop all data from a certain midi channel from passing thru? I must be missing something. Any help would be much appreciated. What I am looking to do is to stop all data from channels 1 & 2 from passing thru MTP (or BomeBox).

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Indeed you can. Please see the attached file.

Here is what I did.

  1. Created 2 aliases “My Source” and “My Destination” and then assigned them the MIDI ports on my system. You will need to reassign them to your actual devices.

  2. Setup a MIDI thru path for the assigned aliases.


  1. Set up 2 translators. One for any 2 byte incoming message oo pp. The other for any 3 byte incoming message oo pp qq . Set outgoing action as “None”

  2. In rules of each translator, determine the incoming MIDI channel and if it is 0 or 1 (< 2) executed the outgoing action of None. Since Swallow is also set, then these messages, will not pass to the MIDI thru route when executed. If I skip the outgoing action then, swallow is not in effect and the messages go through the default MIDI thru route.

// check channel
// mask channel 0x0f
if rr<2 then exit rules, execute Outgoing Action
exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

Since one byte MIDI messages are not channel specific. I didn’t set anything up for these.

Here is the project file:
Block-CH1-2-Messages-2021-03-07.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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Awesome! Thank you. I will give this a try here shortly! I really appreciate it, Steve!

You can also do this on BomeBox if you upload the files there and assign the destination ports accordingly. The BomeBox can only do this through a signed MT Pro project file.

Thank you! It is working perfectly in MTP. Ido not currently have a BomeBox, but am heavily thinking about it! Have a great rest of your day!

Glad to help!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz