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Hi everyone, I'm having a little trouble with the little Bomebox. I just traded a usb sound card for the Bomebox over ethernet. I use Qlab and a Grandma2. Grandma2 sends midi to Qlab to trigger cues. It works perfectly. On the other hand, Qlab sends midi timecode (MTC) and midi notes to my grandma2. And there is no way to send anything from Qlab, no note (midi voice message) or time code (MTC). Would anyone know how to help me because the show is on Tuesday?

Thanks a lot for your help !


Edit : I just managed to do what I wanted to do. The problem is that the bomebox is constantly changing from “unavailable” to “available”. I don’t understand why it disconnects.
In the alternative, is it possible to make my macbook the only one that can communicate with the bomebox, in IP unicast?


If you have a weak WiFi signal or lots of WiFi noise in your venue, it might be better to use a long CAT5 cable for your MIDI network connection. Also make sure your BomeBox has consistent power (generally not good to power from a USB charging port as the voltage varies to rapidly charge a battery so it could cause the BomeBox to periodically restart). The best power for BomeBox is to use POE adapter.

Also make sure you don’t have use both WiFi and ethernet at the same time for BomeNetwork MIDI connections. Use one or the other because having both active, will cause the BomeBox to periodically switch back and forth as it will be broadcasting on both networks.

You can use them simultaneously however if they are on different networks an Bome Network ports are only enabled on one of them. For instance if using Ethernet as client to your in-house router and WiFi maaster on a separate network that you connect from your PC or Mac.

Bome Network discovery happens by broadcast on the currently used network. Again, don’t try and set up MIDI network ports on both wireless and ethernet simultaneously.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thank you, Steve, I’ll be careful with all this!
Too bad there is not a stable 5v power supply provided with the box, when you don’t have a Poe it helps 🙂
Thank you for your help.