MIDI to Keystroke Template

User requested via email to create a MIDI to Keystroke template for all available keys.

Will attach a template here that all users can use as needed.

The attached template is an example. It takes MIDI note-on messages on MIDI channel 1 and outputs keystrokes as shown here.

It should be a good starting point for anyone that wants this functionality. Note, it currently doesn’t:

  • Support modifier keys (ie Alt, Shift, Control/Command)

To optimize your time if you need to create something similar manually, here are the steps.

1) create a full translator MIDI -> Keystroke Key (not Text)
2) duplicate this translator 128 times with Ctrl-D
3) Now edit the first outgoing keystroke
4) TAB to get out of the keystroke editor
5) Ctrl+N to go to the next translator
6) Shift+TAB to get into the keystroke editor
7) edit the keystroke
8) goto 4)

The project file and steps were created courtesy of Florian Bomers so I posted here for all users to enjoy!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist