Midi-to-Mouse control moves to the left edge of the left screen (PC/win10, works on OSX)

On my PC (windows 10), midi-to-mouse control (using the first option to add to the horizontal or vertical position), the cursor immediately jumps to the left edge of the left screen. (I use the right display as the main screen).

It does work as expected on OSX, no jumping there.But I want to use it on the windows machine as well.

I can’t use the other option (absolute position) since it seems MT Pro does not have a variable storing where the cursor is (annoyingly, MT Pro does have a function to manually click on a point on the screen, and then it displays that x-y value, so the basic function for this seems to be there). Or is there a variable that always has the x-y value? MT Pro can also place the cursor at a specified x-y position. So it would work (I assume) if I had a variable with the current x-y when I do the increment.

Is this a known bug?


Hi, it works for me on both Windows and Mac.

If no variables or values are given of the mouse position, the location of the mouse will be random.
If you are using global variables and they are set to zero, it will put the mouse at x-y coordinate 0-0
You can set up global variables at startup (for initial position) or during execution of a given translator

MT Pro will not store the current mouse position automatically, you have to set it based on actual numbers, or local or global variables. If you use MT Pro to get the positions of the mouse x-y position, you can put rules in the same translator to set their values for every time you use the translator

So for instance if you find that X is at 23 and Y is at 42, you can set either local or global variables as follows
// x position local variable
//y position local variable

// x position global variable
//y position global variable

Then in the output populate pp and qq (if local variables used) or ga and gb (if global variables used) for the x-y coordinates.

If you post your project file I may be able to advise further.

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Hi Steve,
thank’s for looking into it. I am using “mouse movement” as the outgoing mouse action. Works on my Mac, but not on the PC. (using a monogram orbiter module for midi)
Mouse2.bmtp (2.9 KB)

Hi Steve,
doing some more thorough checking, noting that there have been multi-screen issues before on PC.
With only the laptop screen connected, this issue does not appear - but instead I have to do at least increments of 5 pixels, or the arrow does not move. So there is now this issue as well that is a bit puzzling. (on mac, 1 pixel movements works fine).


Ah, yes,

I’ve found that minimum movement of 2 pixels works for me. This issue has been reported and fixed in MT Pro more than once but something in the Windows drivers keeps changing requiring a fix again after a Windows automatic update. I think it is something in the calculation of the current pixel and rounding that Microsoft uses vs Bome MT Pro.

This effects movement only mouse movement and not absolute mouse positioning so i think the best that we can do for movement is move by at least 2 pixels (maybe 5 for you) until it can be fixed again.

FYI The size of my screens is 1920 by 1080

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi, the rules were a bit more complicated than I originally thought. Maybe it would be better to use absolute positioning instead of mouse movement. Just adjust the global variables to the new positions.

The attached is my attempt at using move messages but it is still not 100% accurate.

I’m using Note 0 and 1 instead of your note numbers and have set it to my controller. So you will need to set those back.

I added the Init Preset and translators to set initial mouse position
I adjusted left and right movement translators
I changed the timing to 250ms intervals so I could analyze better what was happening.

Again, maybe it is better to just set the parameters and then do absolute mouse positioning to ge and gf instead of relative positioning.

Guitar to Keys Translator-sjc.bmtp (7.6 KB)

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Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

This one uses absolute mouse positioning. It is cleaner than relative but I’m not sure if your game will accept absolute mouse positions

Guitar to Keys Translator-sjc-abs-.bmtp (7.6 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz