Midi to Mouse for Plugin Fader

Hi there… I’m brand new to BOME and I’m trying to figure the best way to approach something. I have a midi fader that I’d like to map to fader on a plugin, but the plugin doesn’t allow midi mapping. I can use other tools I have to get the mouse cursor to hover over the on screen fader and then click to ‘grab the fader’ but I can’t figure out how to then translate the midi message from my hardware midi fader to control the cursor accurately.

I tried the adapting the midi scroll wheel with timer preset you made, but that doesn’t seem right–the fader is only jumping to the max values on either end – and I can’t quite figure out how to adjust the rules on the mouse to drag knob 2020 preset you made to work for me either.

Thanks for any advice

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

What plugin are you using? What MIDI message does you fader send? Could you show me the log window. Most plugins support MIDI so I’m hoping how we can figure out to use MIDI to move the fader if possible.

Can you use the physical scroll wheel of your mouse to move he fader or do you have to drag the entire fader itself.? I’m hoping that you can use the scroll wheel as dragging the entire fader will be a bit tricky since it may be in a different screen location each time depending on where the onscreen fader is.

In either case, converting MIDI to mouse is a bit tricky since you need to know the screen location to start the drag operation and since Bome MIDI Translator Pro is not aware of the current mouse position, it may be a bit more difficult.

Could you either post or point me to the project file that you are trying? It is possible that the project file uses relative values where faders typically use absolute values.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the fast reply. So, my set up is a bit tricky. The plugins I’m having issues with are Acustica plugins hosted inside a local server instance of AudioGridder. Acustica is notorious for inconsistent mapping options leaving things out and AudioGridder lets you add mapping via automation, but not the typical midi learning functions inside Studio One (my DAW).

I’m also using a StreamDeck, a nOb, and SoundFlow to do all sorts of mapping and creating macros. I can use nOb’s quick assignments and easily map the fader to the nOb, but I was hoping to use a fader instead of a rotary encoder in some instances. Right now in MT I’m using one of my M-Audio midi keyboard’s faders on channel 2-3 cc#7 to run tests, but in theory I’d switch it to a dedicated standalone fader later on.

The closets I’ve come is using your ‘1540044383817_Mouse-Scroll-Wheel-with-Timer’ preset, but switching it to the right midi input for me. I even got it to only activate with the proper app. But, the on screen fader isn’t corresponding the way I want. I want to be able to use the full length of the fader and move in small increments. Right now as is it jumps from 64 - 127 and 63- 1 without stopping in between. In theory, arrow keys work here as well and with a shift key modifier also move in small increments. I’d be open to assigning the fader to the arrow keys with the modifier in place as an alternative solution.

I’ve uploaded my edited version of your mouse scroll project for you to see.

Thanks again!

1540044383817_Mouse-Scroll-Wheel-with-Timer.bmtp (1.6 KB)

OK, well the way this is built is to only activate the timers when the fader is sending a value less than 63 or more then 68. If you center the fader, the timer and scrolling should stop.

The about of scroll value is either +10 or -10 as shown in translator 0.2. Maybe if you center the fader and set the scroll value lower, it will work better for you. The idea is to keep the fader centered unless you want it to move up or down. Have you tried changing the value of pp in the following rules on translator 0.2?

if ga==2 then pp=10
if ga==1 then pp=-10

Maybe change it to 5 and see what happens. remember to center the fader if you don’t want it to move

if ga==2 then pp=5
if ga==1 then pp=-5

We can alternatively use arrow keys. Do arrow keys only work when you have your mouse positioned over the fader?

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks for the help, Steve. So, I think I’m just working off the wrong template here. lowering the number helped a little, but its still not functioning correctly.

I want the fader to function across the entire spectrum, not just above or below. I want the bottom to be 1 and the top to be 127, but the fader to rest where ever I let go.

I can place the cursor anywhere over the fader’s range, not just over the actual grip to get either the scroll or the arrows to work, however, I’d need to add a shift modifier to move things in increments small enough to mix. Otherwise, the fader moves 4db with each keystroke. Also, the scroll wheel can just hover anywhere over that area, but the arrows only work if the area has been clicked. I’m attaching an image with the GUI of the plugin and a red circle around the entire area where I can click/hover to control the fader.

Also, I already have a macro that moves my cursor to the correct position, so its really just about accurately controlling the fader once there.

Thanks again!

You can try this. In this case I’m using CC1 and 4 global variables.

The global variable ga determine where in the sequence of events we are.
Mouse postion = 0
Mouse scroll wheel move = 1

The global variable gb determines which direction to move the fader

The global variable gc determine whether we are using course movement or
fine movement of the mouse scroll wheel.
Course = ± 10
Fine = ± 1

The global variable zz if set to 1 will not invoke any mouse movement or scroll wheel, however the log messages in each translator should still tell what is happening.

  • Translator 0.0 sets the position of the mouse to your fader and should be set to the position of your fader on screen. The value of ga needs to be 0 to make this happen.
  • Translator 0.1 moves the scroll wheel the amount determined by the rules. We use the global variable gc here to set to course or fine
  • Translator 0.2 sets a 1 second timer so that if you stop moving your fader the value of ga will reset to 0 by the timer. You can change the timeout value here if you want.
  • Translator 0.3 is the timer which actually sets global variable ga back to 0 to start the sequence again
  • Translator 0.4 sets the variable gc to zero which allows for fine tuning with Note-On Note 2 MIDI CH 1
  • Translator 0.5 turns fine tune back off

Each translators has rules with comments telling you what is happening. I also put log message in the rules to help with debug if needed.

MIDI CC to Scroll Wheel Fader Move.bmtp (2.8 KB)

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Have you been able to test this yet?

First off, thanks for all of this. I’ve been away from my studio for a few days. After playing with it, its much closer now to working the way I want. The only thing I can’t seem to get working is the fine the adjustment. The fader is is moving in increments of +/- 4db. As a result, the physical fader and the virtual fader feel like they are moving in different increments. Otherwise, this is spot on for what I want to do.

Hi, I can’t make the mouse move more sensitive than 1 click. Maybe there is something at the OS level that can change your mouse wheel sensitivity. I assume that when you move your mouse wheel (not using MIDI) you are getting the same precision.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Yeah, using the shift modifier works with the actual scroll wheel, but for some reason, not in conjunction with BOME. If I press shift, the translator is no longer responsive.

Maybe you are using the wrong incoming note-on or note-off. Pressing the proper button should produce a shift function and releasing it should put it back. Look at the two incoming triggers for the shift function and modify them accordingly.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz