MIDI translater Shorcut not seen by MAC

I am using the trial version of Midi Translater to communicate to OBS with shortcuts. With Proclaim i have midi signals sent to Midi translater and then the Midi translater is taking the signal and performing a shortcut for OBS. I have tested this and am able to get text typed on a notepad using a midi signal from Proclaim. However the shortcuts seem to go into a black hole and nothing happens. It is like the Mac is not seeing the Shortcuts from Midi translater…I know the shortcuts i created work for OBS because i have tested them manually when OBS is not in focus.

I have given Midi translater computer access as well as keyboard access in privacy settings.


Hi and welcome to the Bome Community!

Please find the attached file. It seems that OBS needs to have focus to recognize any hotkeys. In this example there are two translators with the same MIDI input. The first translators, switches application focus to OBS. The second translator then sends the desired keystroke after a 20ms delay (to give the Mac time to react to the application switch).

MIDI-to-Keystroke-Mac-2022-06-29.bmtp (1.1 KB)

Steve Caldwell

Hi Steve, Thank you for the response. I did read about issues regarding OBS not being in focus however I believe OBS has a setting to allow hotkeys without being in focus? or maybe it was a setting on the mac…and i have tested the hotkeys while using proclaim as the program in focus.

My setup is Proclaim on the main monitor (always the focused program), and then OBS on a second monitor to view while streaming.

I will try this out and see if this works.

In testing on both Mac and PC, I’ve never been able to get OBS to recognize keystroke unless it is in focus.

Maybe im not sure what “focus” means for the term…does focus mean open or open and selected as the active window?

I will check again next time i am at the computer, to see how the window was when using the hotkeys…

Thank you Steve.

I do know that for PC we got it to work with OBS(always inactive window) and proclaim (always active window) and it worked great for a couple years. same setup of monitors. We had to switch to mac for AVB sound issues (evidently AVB works better on Mac than PC).

open and selected as the active window