Midi Translator automatically reinstalls on Startup

I have had an issue occur for the 3rd time, which requires a system image to be reloaded onto my system drive in order for everything to work as normal again.

For no apparent reason, when I shutdown and restart my system, it appears that BMT opens for the first time. All midi and serial ports become disassociated with themselves and any aliases, and with the size of my project file, proves to be difficult to re-establish. Originally, my file auto loads on startup and the splash screen is disabled. You'll see this is not the case once this problem occurs.

I am wondering if this has happened to anyone or if it is a known problem.


Update : After looking through the manual and reading about saving your settings and file in the Bome folder (in Windows) it’s much easier to recall both my settings and .bmts file. I did save a copy to an external hard drive for safe keeping and I’m glad I did.

Again, just intermittently, when restarting or coming on from shutdown, the image above displays. If I go to the Bome folder within AppData it appears my file is overwritten, based on the time stamp of the file. BMT opens as a blank project, with all serial ports disconnected from any aliases.

This looks like MT Pro cannot read the settings file or the latter got corrupt somehow. We have neither heard of such an issue, nor experienced it ourselves.

If you can find out anything about the circumstances when this problem occurs, that would be great. Also look into Windows’ event log. Maybe it had done a system restore on booting or so?

This hasn’t happened again after placing the exported file as ’read only’. When I’m bored and have a moment, I’ll try to recreate the problem and see if I can find an error. In the meantime, BMT is going full force here…

well, at least that is good to hear!