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Hello Florian and the whole MTP gang!

With my current setup I use 2 monitors, one 4k and one 1920 x 1080 that happens to be my main monitor lying in front of me (see attached JPG - this is how Windows sees them both). When I create an Outgoing Mouse Position and use the Capture ... to find the X-Y of my cursor that is on the 4k monitor the readout is correct (for example: X 100, Y -500) and it looks like the coordinates are captured correctly. So far so good. As soon as I send the MIDI massage that suppose to trigger the Outgoing Mouse Position my cursor moves only to the border of the 1920 x 1080 screen and is not reaching the negative pixel value - for example instead of Y -500 px it only goes to Y 0 px. Is there a workaround or a setting somewhere that will allow me to reach the other monitor or am I only limited to the screen that is currently selected as the Main Monitor (the 1920 x 1080 in this example)??? I did some tests and selected the 4k monitor as my main monitor in the Windows settings and the smaller one as my secondary monitor and I could reach all the pixels from the 4k monitor but none from the 1920 x 1080 one.

Is this so by design or am I missing some setting or a trick here?

Thank you for any tips!



At this point MT Pro only works on primary monitor. It has been submitted as an enhancement request but I haven’t heard of any definitive dates.

Unfortunately, at this point, it is by design. MT Pro 1.8 tries to prevent users from loosing the mouse… We’re working on fixing this!

Thank you for the answers guys!

Looking forward for the fix and I hope Superbooth17 was awesome for you Florian.

Have a great day!

Hi guys, is this feature fixed now?

I’m afraid not and as a matter of policy Bome does not pre-announce or give estimates on new releases. I’ve forwarded your message, however.

I know some people that have managed to define their multiple monitors as one virtual monitor using video driver software. In this case, MT Pro seeing only one virtual monitor it would work. The mouse coordinates would always be positive and there would be some invisible areas on the virtual screen if you offset the second screen from the first.

Steve Caldwell
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ok, thank you for your reply. It is a good workaround while waiting for feature developing