MIDI translator not working with Steam games

I have been using the MIDI Translator Classic to create a mapping so I can use an old MIDI keyboard to play games on Steam for a challenge run. However, none of the inputs work on Steam games. I have tried launching games from other game apps (eg Xbox) and the inputs work. Has anyone come across this and know how to fix it?

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Will I don’t play a lot of Steam games and when I do, I usually use a game controller.

With that, I just loaded the Sims4 and then programmed MIDI input to convert to the ESC key and it worked as long as the game was focused.

It is also possible that if you haver a complex keystroke, that Bome MIDI Translator is sending keystrokes too fast for the game. The Pro version has a way to slow outgoing keystrokes down. You can download the trial version here to see if it works for you.

I’ve attached the working Bome MIDI Translator Classic project that I tested with below.

key.bmtp (169 Bytes)

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