MIDI Translator Pro Feature Requests

  1. custom appearance of presets and translators:
    a) font colours for presets and translators would be nice. I would make each controller have a colour.
    b) custom font size.
    c) headings (dividers) for translators, that aren’t translators themselves.

  2. Program appearance:
    a) column reordering and automatic “resize columns to fit”.
    b) stop flags coloured red, with the rest of a translator sequence greyed out when a stop translator renders them useless.
    c) alternating line shading.
    d) background brightness level.

  3. Preset sub groups / preset in preset / nested presets
    a. The “always active” preset switching feature could be per group, etc.
    b. There could be an outgoing action to choose a group instead of presets themselves.

  4. An outgoing action that can disable translators without having to use preset switching.

  5. And a rule processing delay operator. So an output can execute before the rule line in question is processed.

  6. a lot better variable management. A dedicated variables manager window with a search function, with in use/not in use filters. When creating rules and typing them in the rules they would turn red when already in use somewhere else. Double clicking would open the manager window showing the places they are used. We could also give names to variable groups: (la - lr is ‘browser timer’) etc.

  7. My top request: Giving MTP a mouse click and return feature, so we could have mouse click macroes without having to use MIDI Buddy; flooding MTP always with unnecessary messages.
    MTP can already track a mouse position. We know that because of the “windows inject events” capture box. It’s just a matter of adding an input and output feature (in the “Mouse” part of it) for “get mouse pos” and “return to pos”.

Please and thank you. :blush:

Lots of great ideas! I think some of these are already on the list.

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Hi @SuperTRev , thank you for the many many great feature requests! As Steve indicated, some are already registered (and I’ve bumped up their prio), but others are new and nice. We’ll report back here whenever such a suggestion makes it into the product.

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Ok thank you so much.

Hi @SuperTRev , I’ve split this topic to its own feature request topic and cleaned up the feature requests (first post above) so that it’s easier to refer to them later.

Regarding what has become request 7. above: will this be satisfied by adding a Mouse Incoming Action where you can react on mouse position changes and clicks?

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A mouse click and return feature is ideal. I’ve used MIDI Buddy for this, to capture the mouse position.
If MTP could do it then MIDI Buddy wouldn’t be necessary.

So the request would be to “get mouse pos” as some kind of rules expression. It would store the current mouse cursor screen x y position in a global variable. Then “return mouse” would be another one that reads that global variable and puts the mouse at that position.

This is so we can push a button on a MIDI controller and it will click somewhere on the screen and then return the cursor after a short delay. Currently I already have that setup, except I run MIDI Buddy to track the mouse position. That wouldn’t be needed if MTP captured the mouse position at the time the translator was triggered.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess, this could be solved with two approaches:

  1. an outgoing action set variable to current mouse position.


  1. New Rules to get the current position, like this:
    Then you could implement the logic of positioning the mouse back to where it was on your own (same way you do it now using MIDIBuddy, I guess).


  1. For the existing Outgoing Mouse action ‘Mouse Click at a position’, add this option:
    [x] after clicking, move mouse back to where it was before the click
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I think an added “Return Mouse” checkbox in the mouse outgoing section would be good.
Then MTP would do the location capture and return automatically in one translator.
Without the user even bothering with variables. The MTP engine would have special private system variables for itself that deals with the mouse. Could have both global and local mouse system variables.
Return Mouse

And also a mouse position rules feature. In case we want to store the cursor position and be able to call it later in some other translator. We could even have multiple cursor locations in exclusively saved global variables.

Also the ability to move the mouse by only x or y. Not having to do both. (Especially saving and recalling the variable).
There was times I wanted MTP move the mouse by the x axis only but couldn’t. For dragging an object across the screen etc. I wanted to have the x variable saved, then execute other translators, then tell the mouse, wherever it was, to move to that x coordinate, the y being the current wildcard that wasn’t saved.

And would be nice to add a “drag” feature to the mouse clicks section. ‘Hold down this button during this movement.’