MIDI Translator Pro: I need preset for AKAI APCmini MK2

Hallo there,

I need your help.
I have Bomes Midi Translator Pro Software, the “AKAI Pro APCmini MK1” and also the preset to control “MA Dot2onPC”. It works fine! Used preset:
Akai_APC_mini_DOT2.bmtp (8.6 KB)
Same like this: classic dot 2.bmtp

For further projects I can only buy the “AKAI Pro APCmini MK2”. So I need the preset for this special Midi-Pad. I talked with akai support. And support helps me. Support create a document, called “APC mini mk2 - Communication Protocol - v1.0”. (https://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/akai/attachments/APC%20mini%20mk2%20-%20Communication%20Protocol%20-%20v1.0.pdf)

But I never construct a preset for BMT before. Is there anybody who construct a preset for the MK2-version of AKAI Pro APCmini to control dot2? For an specialist is this not much work, I think. ;-))
Thank you very much!
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Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

The attached should work for you for either APC MINI MK1 or APC MINI MK2. I basically added a several translators to convert the incoming notes that are different on MK1 and MK2 and map it to the same outgoing note.

I also added aliases for each so you can select the device type you are using.

You can learn about aliases with this tutorial.

I created different input routing for translators only using the MKII.

You can learn about device select with this tutorial.

I find it interested that Akaipro published a protocol guide as they never did it for the MKI. This confirms the analysis I did prior to the guide being available.

Here is the project file. Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything.

Akai_APC_mini_DOT2-sjc.bmtp (10.0 KB)

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Hi SteveC,

many, many thanks for your file!
Unfortunately I have to buy the MK-II again first, but I will do it as soon as possible!
Now some questions:
1.) With the MK-II I can ‘define’ the luminosity of the RGB buttons, what luminosity do you have ‘stored’? 100% or less or is it not fixed?
2nd) How do I specify the RGB colors in the “MidiNote” command?
MK-I command (DOT2): MidiNote <ColorNr&Constant or flashing>; e.g. MidiNote 1 01 = Button 1, Green constant. If I specify the colors decimally, I can specify 127 colors + each blinking, right? Do I have so many colors available at all?
3) Is it possible to automatically detect the connected device, or to generate a control file for MK-II only? Or set the selection permanently to “MK-II”?

That the AKAI support was so accommodating to me, I couldn’t believe at first either! Until I found the support page! I guess the support has understood that the midi pad is not only interesting for musicians, but also for lighting engineers / light programmers and has sensed a new market. ;-))

Unfortunately I can’t buy MK-I anymore (sold out everywhere), so I have to plan my next external projects with MK-II. Own projects I program for MK-I and -just in case- for MK-II, as far as possible!

Maybe the control file MK-I as well as MK-II for the DOT2 can be included in the supplied archive (Free+Pro). However: the control file MK-I I have loaded “somewhere from the depths of the Internet”… ();-))

As soon as I have the MK-II and have tested the control file, I’ll get back to you! It may take a while though…
Thanks again!

Many greetings,

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Hi together,
sorry, I didn’t read the comunication protocol right!
DOT2 MidiNote can be write like “MidiNote 96 00 05”, it’s “Solid, Button 0, red”, if blink so must write “9B 00 05” for Blinking 1/24 …
So you can “forget” my questions 1.) + 2.) please!
Only question #3 is unknown.
Thanks alot!

I can get you started by the following project however I don’t think there is a trigger to assign aliases based on the query response. You may be able to enable and disable specific presets, however so that you can change MIDI routing based on the response.

See this version translators in the “Init” preset. Here I just manage the state of the MKII using query and response and global variable “ga”.

I also removed MIDI thru paths since they may end up message through that you don’t want. It this project everything should be managed by translators and not MIDI thru paths.

Akai_APC_mini_DOT2-sjc.bmtp (11.2 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi SteveC,
thank you very much for your modified file!

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what to change under ‘Init’ -and when?
I will only ever use either MK-I or MK-II, also my DOT2 projects will be programmed for either or. I wouldn’t know how to ‘accommodate’ the different commands in DOT2 for both MKs at the same time.
MK-I command format (MidiNote): MidiNote 90 [Button] [Color/ColorBlink {00-06}] (Where the “90” can be omitted, which I did).
MK-II command format (MidiNote): MidiNote [Solid, Pulse, Blink {9X}] [Button] [RGB Color].
The format is quite different! Hence the question about a control file for “MK-II only” without MK-I.
Unless you have a filter built in … then the automatic translation has failed… my mother tongue is german! :wink:
As I said, I have no idea about MIDI and its ‘structure’. Maximum rudimentary: “MIDI makes music and has to do with notes…” :innocent:
For MK-I the control file from you works fine!
Unfortunately I have no prepared programming for MK-II yet!
One of my planned projects is an “automatically starting project control surface”, it is Bome, DOT2 u. possibly 3D-View automatically started and is then -without intervention of the user- operational, with defined control panel MK-II.

I hope it is now clear what I ‘need’ … Sorry, have no idea how much work this is now again!

Already many thanks!

Many greetings,

Hi, the way the project is built, it will accomodate either a MK1 or MK2. Just plug in the controller and from DOT2 perspective it will see the same MIDI notes for everything, no matter which model you use. You just need to define your MIDI aliases accordingly. This only needs to be done once.

As far as LED feedback, I’m not sure how you are accomplishing this since I didn’t see any translators for that and not sure how DOT provides it. If you need LED feedback on your MK2, then there must be translators that remap, what comes back from the application to the correct notes and velocities that the MK2 uses. The matrix buttons are all the same on both MK1 and MK2 so all you need to do is map the velocities and not the note number. For the bottom and side buttons, velocity mapping is not required but note mapping is.

I know you want to get this working, however our objective for free support is to coach and advise on how to do specific types of things and not to complete a complete solution. In addition, there are over 40 tutorials that you can find here to supplement our coaching.

With that said, I do offer paid services for complete projects as an independent consultant. If interested, you can reach out to me via private message or email and we can discuss the options there.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi SteveC,
I’m very sorry for ‘taking advantage’ of you like that! Sorry!

I have a very hard time understanding technical explanations in technical English!
My hobby is lighting programming with the MA DOT2onPC, the MIDI console is only “middle-for-purpose”, as an external control panel for ‘everyone’. My questions were just to understand how to implement the programming with the DOT2onPC, so that the MK-II works as a control desk with feedback.
Also, I thought others might be interested in how to use the MK-II! Since the MK-II is ‘brand new’ and the support site has also only been online for a short time (in response to my support request), experience with the device is not yet available.
I was very happy that you helped me and I am very grateful!
Please don’t misunderstand: To me BMT is like a “black box” … what happens inside I don’t need to know, I just need to know what to ‘send in’ to get what I want out.
MIDI translation is a tremendously exciting, but also time-consuming subject to learn and I have enough to do with programming the DOT2onPC software (also because I’m not the youngest anymore).

As written, the DOT2 can send out a midi note, to which MK-I or MK-II then reacts accordingly (feedback). Whereby the MK-I only knows “MidiNote 90 BB CC” in decimal, the MK-II uses hex numbers.

When I 'someday’own the MK-II and can test it, I will report to you how & if the control file works ‘as desired’!

Thanks again for your effort!

Many greetings,

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Oh no, I didn’t think you were taking advantage. Just wanted to set the expectation on the level of support offered here. All raw MIDI is represented in hex by most applications and certalnly in Bome MIDI Translator. If you are on windows PC you can select the options for “Programmers Calculator” and it will convert Hex to decimal for you (or visa versa).


The below example shows 90 which is note on and as it shows the decimal value is 144.

Also in Bome MIDI Translator, if you enter in this format 0x90 Bome will handle it fine. The next time you open the project, it might say “144” though.

I understand you don’t want to do MIDI programming. I’m still willing to coach you through a few translations and maybe some other generous user will have something they can share with you for free if you don’t have budget this effort. In the Bome world with so many combinations of controller and applications, it would near impossible to spend the time to do all permutations. Add to that is that some users want to change the behavior even if it is the same controller and application…

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz