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Hello All. I plan to create a new preset I did not found in the preset folder to use The Machine Studio (Native-instruments sequencer) as a control surface for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I found a nice tutorial but not exhaustive about totally master the preset. Does anybody here interested in doing it or already did ? I do not understand how to assign knobs to the audio clip mixer and the big to the master mix. Big truble with the jog als



To be able to help, I will need to know

  1. The input values each of your knobs and buttons provide
  2. The resulting keystroke that you want to send to Adobe Premier pro

It is best if you just provide me one or two controls. I can set up a project file showing how I did them and then for the rest, you should be able to take it from there.




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hey did you do it in the end I’m in the same predicament I can match the buttons but not sure how to match the nobs

Hi, Patrick,

If you can open the log Window and check the MIDI IN box and the twist the knobs in question and then copy and past the log into a file, I should be able to figure it out. My guess is that the big knob send out relative instead of absolute MIDI messages.


Hi Patrick,


From your email, you showed me the knob you want to use is Controller 11 (0E) on MIDI channel 1. When you turn left you want to generate a down arrow keystroke and when you turn right you want to generate an up arrow keystroke.

Your knob puts out a value of 0 when all of the way left and 127 (7F Hex) when all the way right.

To do this we have to first convert absolute to relative value to determine if you moved the knob left or right. I had to use some global variables to determine movement direction and amount of movement

I use the global variable ga to determine the target location (new location of the knob)

I use global variable gb to suppress movement (so we can calibrate the knob at mid point).

I use global variable gc to determine the direction the knob moved (by subtracting target location from last known location of the knob)

I set up a timer to generate a series of keystrokes (either up or down) depending on the amount and direction the knob moves.


You will need to use a button (or keystroke) to calibrate the knob. Basically when the button is pushed you can move the knob to center to determine the mid point without the arrow keys being generated. I have this set up as Controller 31 with a value of 127 (7F).

The attached file should get you close to want you want.

Translator 0 initializes global variables (mostly for documentation purposes only)

Translator 1 monitor the knob movement and determines direction and amount and fires off a timer to generate the output. If gb =1 then it doesn’t fire the timer so you can calibrate the knob

Translators 2 and 3 generate down arrow and up arrow keys respectively depending on the direction you want to move. Using a timer, allows us to determine how many keystrokes to generate (how far you moved the knob)

Translator 4 is for calibration of the encoder. All it does when activated is set gb to 1 which disables the generation of the timer.

There are bascially 2 things you will need to set up

  1. When the project file opens, it will prompt you which MIDI port to use for the Alias “Maschine”. Just select the input port you Maschine uses.
  2. You will need to modify the incoming message you want to use to calibrate the controller for your knob (Translator 4)

Hopefully this will set you on the right path.

Let me know if you have any further questions. If unrelated, please open a new question instead of using this one.




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Whoops, error in last file. It is fixed here.