Midi Translator Pro unique identifier

I want to use the Bome Midi Translator Pro as a virtual MIDI controllers for Virtual DJ.
Virtual DJ recognizes the translator as a MIDI device.
In order to get the system running, a device mapper must be created for VDJ.
A unique device identifier must be defined in the device mapper.
This can be the midi sysex id, or vid/pid of the translator.
Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to elicit this from the translator.
Does somebody has any idea?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

We can get MT Pro to respond to any MIDI message you wish. In MIDI, an application typically will send a device inquiry message in the form of a SysEX message and wait for a response. The response varies depending on what type of device it is. Usually with Bome MIDI Translator Pro, we monitor this communication with the device to see how it responds by simply running the device with the application using MIDI thru paths. Once we see how it responds, we can set up translators to respond the same way (to emulate the existing device) or create a new response (if we want to define a new device).

The format of the inquiry message is usually something like this.

F0 7E <device ID> 06 01 F7 

If the device ID is 7F then all attached device on that port should respond.

A response would look something like this:

F0 7E <device ID> 06 02 mm ff ff dd dd ss ss ss ss F7 

      F0 7E <device ID>   Universal System Exclusive Non-real time header 
      06                  General Information (sub-ID#1) 
      02                  Identity Reply (sub-ID#2) 
      mm                  Manufacturers System Exclusive id code 
      ff ff               Device family code (14 bits, LSB first) 
      dd dd               Device family member code (14 bits, LSB first) 
      ss ss ss ss         Software revision level. Format device specific 
      F7                  EOX 

If you want to create something new, we could create something for your Bome Project which would essentially provide a new device type.

I hope this helps.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Steve,
thanks for the hint. Works perfect!

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