MIDI Translator Pro WiFi latency normal until you load into BomeBox?

I moved the BomeBox to a much better location, then tried the setup on my second computer, and there was no latency or any kind of unexpected behavior. I went back to the first computer where I’d been testing up till now, and the problem was virtually gone, particularly after I closed the log window. I do still feel like once in a while, a timing is off using computer #1, though it never is with computer #2. They’re identical computers that are clones of each other using Apple’s Time Machine.

Another factor here is that the sound module has enough modulation going on that perhaps I’m misperceiving any remaining timing glitch as a BomeBox thing when it’s really a sound thing. It’s also possible that the computers’ sightly different positioning makes a slight difference. Everything is within 2 feet of that Jupiter-Xm, which was definitely interfering before seeing as how moving the BomeBox cleared most of that up.

I’ll stay aware of the situation when bringing other sound modules online, but since the one computer does work 100% correctly so far, we can rule out any problem with my BomeBox or with any translators I’ve written.

I tried the ethernet port, and there's no difference in latency now that the Wifi problem is fixed. I suppose I could go to the ethernet connection if I put my BomeBox in a place with too much WiFi interference, but there's no reason to do that, and cable-free is more convenient.

I do have a problem with latency with the software sound module DrumComputer by SugarBytes. Everything works as expected, but there's a consistent latency of about 100-150ms. That's enough so that you simply can't play live. With the same setup, my hardware module has no issues, so I expect it has something to do with my computer or the software, not the BomeBox, especially seeing as how I get exactly the same behavior with ethernet and WiFi. I can't figure it out, so I'll ask at a DrumComputer forum, but I'd also appreciate any suggestions here.

I tried plugging my controller into my Roland Jupiter-Xm, the Xm's USB into the computer, and turning on the Xm's USB MIDI thru capability. Inputting MIDI from the controller plays the software sound module without any latency. Inputting MIDI to software sound modules via Bome Network has this excessive latency problem. Same behavior on both my identical 2019 MacBook Pro's.

I don't want to simply assume that it's an issue with MacOS Catalina, but I also haven't been able to get my Roland UM-ONE to work on these computers, though it worked on previous Macs. Using Roland's updated driver for my OS, the UM-ONE allows MIDI out, but MIDI in never arrives at all at the software modules. Only MIDI via USB has proved reliable, but this isn't a reason to assume that the reason for Bome Net's latency can't be determined.

Yes, it is likely a latency issue with your software sound module or the platform it is running on. Please check with them but describe it with just running MT Pro (assuming you have the same issue there without BomeBox). I don’t want them chasing an issue on what we have already eliminated.

Yes, I did that. They say the software's latency (DrumComputer by SugarBytes) is due to the platform. There's no latency when using DrumComputer as a plug-in in Ableton, and there's no latency with the standalone when playing it with the computer keyboard. The only latency is when using the external MIDI controller. Have you heard of any MIDI latencies in when not using MIDI over USB with MacOS 10.15 Catalina?

I haven’t heard or experienced it with Catalina. Do you get the same latency when connecting from 1 mac to the other over rtpMIDI or Bome Network Pro?
Maybe it is a buffering issue in the UM1 (but I doubt it as I think I would have heard this before).
Do any other plugin synths besides Drum Computer experience this latency via MIDI DIN to USB cable?

Yes, I should have mentioned that my Arturia V Collection modules experience this same latency in standalone mode, a problem I didn't have on older computers with MacOS 10.14 and before. I don't have any occasion to connect from 1 computer to the other, and also, as I mentioned, controllers that plug-in with USB (KeyStep, Jupiter-Xm, Novation SL-MKIII) have no problem. It's just that I have this one must-use controller that's suddenly become useless when trying to input MIDI from it into the laptop. It's actually not a disaster since I have plenty of hardware I prefer anyways, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of this apparent MacOS issue. If you hear anything...

I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I know many software manufacturers have recommended holding off on Catalina upgrade but they never specified in detail why other than they were working on updating their software to support it.